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European Modern Style Basin Glass Bowl Sinks With Faucet

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description This blue glass sink is elegant, amazing and mysterious; and they also have thick material to guarantee their good quality. If you want to choose matching faucet, you can pay extra fee to get this elegant one. Chrome finish of the faucet is sturdy, so they can use for a long time. Professional workmanship and perfect in details, uponmount instllation type provides convenience for daily life.
Blue Mediterranean Fishes Pattern Bowl Sinks For Bathroom
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description The patterns of the sink are vivid and will remind you of the beautiful sea.  Pool wool polishing technology make the sink have extremely good surface finish, it will look like new even you use them for a long time. Bowl sinks are classical, elegant and fabulous, especially this blue one; tempered glass make it look more high end. Drop-in or overmount installation are both okay and this sink can be chosen for your kids, these will certainly be a good selection. Bullet-proof glasses are new technology which are of great quality and the round shape can be installed 360 all-round.
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description Blue is classical and this sink will be cleaned easily.Surface is smooth and 100% tempered glass was polished intelligently, so you can see that high end quality. It is easy for you to clean though and the moderate thickness of the sinks are good for your bathroom and the big drain hole are easy to drain.
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description The shape is common to see, but the patterns on it are really exquisite; they look like beautiful paintings. Patterns are clear to see and edges of the sink also have amazing design, it can definitely decorate your home. Quality of the sink is certainly good because the material and workmanship are all great, so it can use for a long time. It is more an artwork than a sink. You can choose this sink to install in your home, hotels or bars.
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description Artistic sinks like this really has professional design and rational construction; consummate curves of the sink are smooth. Faucet can be chosen if you pay extra fee and it also has good quality, so you don't need to worry about it. From the pic you can see that the sink is glossy and has good reflection of light, and color is pure and uniform. Patterns of the sink also show you bohemian style, simple but elegant and this kind of sinks are classic designs which will fit in well anywhere
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description This sink is composed of food grade stainless steel material, not rust and no lead, corrosion resistandce. Spillway holde design prevents water leaking from sink. R type corner design that saves space, at the same time, it can improve sink capacity and easy to be cleaned. Sink is composed of stainless steel material, has multi technology finish that keeps surface smooth and exquisite. The faucet is made of good quality 304 stainless steel material with pb pollution, rotatable in 360 degrees, has good quality bubbler, has soft and silent design.
One Hole Blue Floral Patterns Rectangular Glass Sinks Without Faucet
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One Hole Blue Floral Patterns...
description Explosion-proof glass are thick enough for you to use which has the same quality as automobile front windshield. Smooth surface of the sink are beautiful and color of it is natural, it will look like new one even when you use for a long time. All blue roses you see on the sinks are hand painting and each step of making this sink is really fabulous.

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size info
Sink Length:16.9 inch (43 cm)
Sink Depth:5.9 inch (15 cm)

  • Products detail
  • installation typeuponmount
  • installation holesOne Hole
  • finishenamelling
  • stylecheap,designer,modern,on sale
  • ColorStainless Steel
  • Weight(kg)6
  • MaterialToughened glass
  • Sink typesingle sink
  • Include FaucetYes
  • number of faucet holesone hole
  • sink thickness12mm
  • ShapeRound
  • Thick type thick moderate thin ultra-thin
  • Gloss transparent shine normal dim matte
  • wearproof strong moderate low fragile

Since all the products are hand made, each has slightly difference, size is approximate, pls in kind prevail.

superior material
exquisite craftwork
high-temperature burn
heart of brand
worry-free after sales
green living, quality assurance

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European Modern Style Basin Glass Bowl Sinks With Faucet
Though this hand painting is simple, the sink really looks elegant and modern and the color is low-key.
European Modern Style Basin Glass Bowl Sinks With Faucet
Waterfall faucet is included, but the price is still very reasonable. The sink can give you a modern experience if you use them in your bathroom.
European Modern Style Basin Glass Bowl Sinks With Faucet
The moderate thickness of the sinks are good for your bathroom and the big drain hole are easy to drain. No matter the toughened glass or the hardware are of great quality.

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