Tips for having a tiny bathroom sink

If your bathroom is comparatively smaller then it is advisable to reduce the furniture and use smaller appliances in your bathroom. Consequently, the need for tiny bathroom sink arises to complement the look of small bathrooms. Small bathroom bowls are widely available in the market and have a varied range of designs and sizes.

Just because its size is small doesn’t mean it functionality reduces in any way. Small sinks can perform as good as a normal sized bathroom sink. A tiny bathroom sink comes in various shapes such as rectangular, oval, round etc. The designs are also very sleek and attractive.

Red Peony Yellow Bathroom Sink Small

A small bathroom basin can increase the storage space of your bathroom; also it reduces your budget to a great extent.

Keep in mind the following things before having a tiny bathroom sink:

Place the small sink in a corner: If you have a small bathroom then you should make use of all the available space in your bathroom that you have. So, if you install your small sink in a corner that will save you a lot of space.

Get a compact toilet to complement your tiny sink: Upgrade your toilet bowl with a compact and sleek toilet to complement your small bathroom and tiny sink. It will save you a lot of bathroom space as well.

Mount the sink with the wall completely: Make the tiny bathroom sinks wall mounted for sleek look and save more space.

Adjust the sink according to your height: It will increase your convenience even more.

You can install the sinks angularly as well.

tiny bathroom sinks

If you stay in a small space, then having a small bathroom is nothing new to you. So you need to utilise your space accordingly so that you can use up all the space you have conveniently by opting for smarter bathroom fittings.

Round vessel sink to add accent to your bathroom

As you have designed your home with utmost care and precision, taking care of every nook and corner and of every furniture or decorative items placed, your design for your bathroom should be so that it catches the eye of the beholder. Every sink is beautifully crafted and made to accentuate your bathroom. Each one of the sink is individually made and taken care of and crafted with utmost care so that it does not fail to do what it has been designed to do.

As there are various kinds of sink in the market, choosing the right kind to complement or contrast your bathroom is important. There are various kinds of round vessel sink that can be used and placed in your bathroom to make it look more beautiful as well as give it a sharp edgy look.

European Retro Round Bathroom Sink Vessel

Uses of a round vessel sink

Comfortable and spacious

With an airy look and giving room to your countertops, these sinks can make your bathroom look beautiful and stand out from the rest. It is comfortable to use and for people with tall heights, can use this very easily as they are higher than the normal sinks, thus providing easy access.

Stylish and is easy to install

Round vessel sinks are perhaps the easiest to install as they do not require cut out spaces for them to be installed. Just the drainage system will do the job and being a very stylish one, it cannot be beaten by other normal sinks adding more dimensions to your bathroom and making it look beautiful.

Round Red Stained Glass Vessel Sink


Making your bathroom look more beautiful is important as it too is a part of your household and helps you leave an impression on your guests.

round vessel sink

Get artistic with Art Basin!

Having an eye for art is also an art! Then why not look for art in your bathrooms? An art basin can change the complete outlook of the bathroom. So, if you want to add an element of style to your bathroom without compromising on its uses, then go for an art basin.

Reasons to replace the old sink with an art basin

There are pros and cons to every choice you make, however, if you are looking forward to having a makeover for your bathroom, then adding an art basin has only pros for you. Read on to know more.

art basin

-Easy Installation

No need to have complicated fittings and measurements to have a new basin installed. All you need is a hole drilled for the drain pipe, and you are good to go! Place the basin, and it is ready to use.

-Takes less space

As compared to the sinks that are under mounted, these sinks occupy less space. In fact, if you compare, you will actually have more space to spare on your counter.

-Easy to change

Though it is very rare that one changes a bathroom sink, but if in the near future you need to replace or upgrade to a better sink, the job is easy to do. You just need to lift it up the surface and get a new one! Imagine the wrath you have to face when you change an under mount sink! You will either have to cover that area of the counter, or go for a sink of the exact same size to fit beneath.

Vintage Round Art Colorful Ceramic Sink


There is no doubt in the fact that these basins are more comfortable to use. The under mount sinks are lower in height because they are inside the counter surface, which makes the person bend a little to use the sink. But, if you have one of these art basins, you will no longer have to bend. After all, every experience must be comfortable.

Sink in the beauty of a Blue Glass Sink!

There is no doubt that glass sinks are the latest trend in bathroom designs. But what can really make your bathroom decor stand apart is the presence of a blue glass sink! Why blue? Well, blue is the colour of calmness and beauty, and what better place to experience than the bathroom?

Be exclusive!

Of course, not everyone you know will be redecorating or getting a new bathroom made. And if you are the first one to do so, then you must certainly have something to show off, and that should be a glass sink. Glass sinks are more of statement pieces for your bathrooms.

Types of Glass Sinks

You might have decided on the colour and shape of the blue glass sink already, but it is important to know the types of glasses available too, to refine your options further!

Blue Willow Branch Glass Sinks

-Cold glass

These are sinks that are made with glasses that are modified and shaped at room temperatures. These include – stained glass sinks, carved glass sinks, mosaic glass sinks.

– Warm glass

When the glass is formed between the temperatures of 1100 and 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, they are called warm glasses. The sinks that are made from this procedure are – fused and slumped type. This type will give you options of plenty of designs and patterns to choose from.

Blue Floral Rectangular Glass Sinks

-Hot glass

When the glass is processed at a heat of 2200 degrees Fahrenheit, it is called hot glass. You will find exclusive shapes, colours, and designs in this type of glass sinks. Also called the blown glass, this type of glass sink will have the maximum durability as well.

So, give your bathroom the amazing makeover it deserves with a glass sink, and let everyone sink into their beauty!

blue glass sink

Getting the best for your bathroom

Vessel sinks have been here for a long time, but it is only in recent times have they been recognized for their real features. Vessel sinks are those which sit entirely on the top of the counter, as opposed to undermount sinks. And that is counted as a benefit because it is easier to clean and maintain, as the entire sink is accessible easily. Also, if there is less space beneath the counter, by getting a vessel sink, you can utilise that space as well. Also, since there is a lot to show in a vessel sink, the designers also love to show off their creativity here. So, you get a lot of stylish choices to choose from, including the likes of a clear glass vessel sink.

Simple Square Transparent Vessel Sink

Glass Vessel Sinks – useful or just a showpiece?

The first question that pops up in anyone’s mind when they sight a glass sink is – Will that even last a month? The durability, the trend, the usability, everything is questionable, and for the right reasons. Bathroom sinks are not something you buy or replace every and now then. But even the makers have this in mind before actually producing them! For instance, a clear glass vessel sink might look very fragile and delicate, but in real, it is made of tempered glass. Of course, since the sinks are made of actual glass, they need to be treated with care. But it is not the case that there is no durability in them.

clear glass vessel sink

In glass sinks, apart from a clear glass vessel sink, you will get a lot of variety to choose from. There are stained glass sinks, mosaic glass sinks, and much more. The colour options are endless too. From a plain elegant sink to a quirky, colourful mosaic glass sink, you can pick any according to your decor and taste.

Giving your bathroom a classy look!

If renovating the bathroom or building a new one is on your mind, then you also might have a blueprint ready for it – if not in paper, at least in mind. So, what have you thought of? A contemporary theme, the traditional bathroom, or using the space with optimum resources with modern minimalistic designs? The last one definitely sounds fun! And that can be made true by adding a glass sink combo.

Toughened Glass Flower Glass Vessel Sinks

Why go for glass sink combo?

Not only do the glass links look good, they function all the more effortlessly. Glass sinks are comparatively sleek when compared to steel or ceramic sinks, hence they take up less space. So, if utilising a space is your priority, then the glass sink combo is meant for you, without a doubt. Another benefit of having glass sinks is that they go with any kind of interior. You need no colour combinations or themes to fit in a glass sink. In fact, a glass sink will only give a modern touch to the entire ensemble.

Geometric Glass Sinks With Faucet

Are glass sinks as fragile as they are thought to be?

Well, a glass is after all a glass! Though they will not break easily like any other glass, glass sinks are made of tempered glasses. Yes, they are more fragile than their ceramic and stainless steel counterparts, but the tempered glass makes sure they are break resistant and durable. Simply treat them as not-so-delicate glass sinks, and you are good to go.

glass sink combo

Go trendy!

Glass sinks are definitely the hottest trend. And you can become the talk of the town by adding a glass sink to your bathroom. They are unique, quirky, and is something you can never get bored of. The best part is, even glass sink combo come in various styles, patterns, colours, and shapes. So you can choose from an array of them according to your tastes and preferences.

Give your bathroom the classic look

Ceramic sinks can never go out of style. From the time they have come into existence, ceramic sinks have been a popular choice in the households for the list of benefits they carry with them. Their durability, easy to clean and maintain, and their age-defying beauty, all these qualities make them the unbeatable winner. With time, ceramic sinks also come in variety now. From vessel sinks to under mounted, to pedestal sinks, the options are becoming wider day by day. Apart from the type, even the shapes are being experimented with – round, square, rectangle, oval ceramic sink, name it and you will have it.

Modern Yellow Oval Thick Ceramic Sink

Love comes in all sizes and shapes

It is been said that love comes in all shapes and sizes, and we couldn’t agree more. With the variety of ceramic sinks you get these days, it is difficult to pick a favourite. The size and the shape of the sink you choose depends a lot on personal choice and the kind of space you have. You can go for vessels sinks if you like everything on the counter top. In vessel sinks, you also get to choose from a variety of shapes. Oval ceramic sink, for instance, will only be available in a vessel type.

Vintage Oval Bathroom Sink

If you have a big counter, then even an under mount sink would do for you. If there is no counter at all, no worries, you can always opt for a pedestal sink, which will come with its own column to stand on. If there is very little space on the counter, not even for a sink, then you can opt for a wall-mounted sink as well. There is a solution for all in the marketplace, you only need to have an intention to buy a ceramic sink!

oval ceramic sink

Vessel sinks – the hottest trend

While they may be the latest trend doing the rounds of the market, vessel sinks are in actual the classic. Inspired wholly from the traditional wash basins, the ones from the time there was no actual plumbing, these sinks are making a comeback now. Of course, the material in which they are made has more variety now. You can now choose from ceramic, stainless steel, stones, and glass! The most popular being small glass vessel sink, which are chic and classy than their peers.

Chic Gradient Glass Vessel Sinks

Pros of getting a small glass vessel sink

There is no reason to have second thoughts when planning to buy a small glass vessel sink. Read on to know the perks of having one.

-Chic and style

Want your bathroom to have a quirky and chic look? Think no more! Nothing can speak style louder than a glass vessel sink, no matter what the size is! It adds that edgy element to the entire decor of the bathroom that you cannot deny.

Modern Oval Glass Vessel Sinks Pink


Glass can be shaped in round, oval, square, or rectangle. Apart from the shape, its patterns can also have a lot of variety, ranging from plain to mosaic. Also, you can expect a lot of colour options. Complete the look with the choice of faucet, and have a desirable finish whether you want a modern look or a contemporary look.


Do not think that a glass sink will be as fragile as a piece of ordinary glass. Glass sinks are made of special tempered glasses that are crafted to last long. You also need not worry about having scratches and stains, as the glass sinks are treated for them as well and provide you a care-free experience.

small glass vessel sink

So, get your choice of glass vessel sink now!

Modernise your world!

Ceramic sinks have always been a popular pick in both traditional and country style homes. But in this era of modern designs, where everything is going sleek, ceramic sinks still exist, with a touch of modern looks. A modern ceramic sink is all you need to enjoy the pros that come along.

Best Rectangular Enamel-Ling Bowl Sink

Benefits of a modern ceramic sink

You can stop worrying about stains and scratches on your ceramic sink, whether in bathroom or kitchen. These sinks are known for being hard-wearing, and can survive a rigorous life. Also, it will give rest to the cleanliness freak inside you, as ceramic sinks are easy to maintain and clean. All you need is a clean and wet cloth, and it will be clean with a swipe. The shine and colour will be the same for years to come. They have a long life, so even if they look a little out of budget, you need not worry about that because it is nothing more than an investment of a lifetime. Most ceramic sinks also come with guarantees.

Stylish Leaf Rectangular Ceramic Sinks

Types of ceramic sinks

There are basically four types of a modern ceramic sink. First is vessel sinks. These are more of a statement piece for your bathroom. Vessel sinks are the ones that are kept on the counter top. Then there are wall mounted sinks. As the name suggests, these sinks are attached to the wall and that is the only support they need. These are meant for spaces where the counter is either far, or no counter is available. Third are the pedestal sinks. These sinks stand on a column mostly, and require no other support. Pedestal sinks are suitable for those spaces which do not have a counter. The fourth type is the undermount sinks. These sinks are fixed beneath the surface of the counter. They make the space appear large.

modern ceramic sink


More often than not, it is the important and unavoidable parts of kitchen which have been left out from being attractive and fashionable .But those days are coming to an end and paving way for a new age of kitchen equipment .In this trend principle position is captured by the new types of sinks in the market and among them the most attractive ones are the Black ceramic vessel sinks.

European Striped Black Ceramic Vessel Sink

The reason you should choose a black ceramic vessel sink-

The era of the old, ugly and undesirable part of the kitchen where dishes are washed and cleaned –the sinks-are becoming an old story. Today they become things which bring elements of beauty to the kitchen space where the homemakers spends most of their time .With new types of sinks like the black ceramic vessel sinks the kitchen space is transformed into an elegant place of work. The new black ceramic vessel sinks modifies the overall kitchen area and makes it all more pleasing and elegant. They are soon becoming symbols prestige and status all around the world and are preferred by interior designers around the globe. The design sprits have shifted to innovation by means of which both beauty and utility are both enhanced.

black ceramic vessel sink

Coming to the contemporary part of design aspect these are the type of kitchen décor for another two decades or so. These black ceramic vessels come handcrafted uniquely in a range of styles so that each person can get something like a tailored-fit cloth to suite their own individual taste. Among the Black ceramic vessel sink the ones which are in most demand are the ones from china-the finest vitreous.

Round Auspicious Clouds Vessel Sinks

If you are in the market for a sleek, clean, contemporary yet simple look vessel sinks, search no more & waste no more time the Black ceramic vessel sinks are the ones which you were looking for the whole time!