Give your bathroom the classic look

Ceramic sinks can never go out of style. From the time they have come into existence, ceramic sinks have been a popular choice in the households for the list of benefits they carry with them. Their durability, easy to clean and maintain, and their age-defying beauty, all these qualities make them the unbeatable winner. With time, ceramic sinks also come in variety now. From vessel sinks to under mounted, to pedestal sinks, the options are becoming wider day by day. Apart from the type, even the shapes are being experimented with – round, square, rectangle, oval ceramic sink, name it and you will have it.

Modern Yellow Oval Thick Ceramic Sink

Love comes in all sizes and shapes

It is been said that love comes in all shapes and sizes, and we couldn’t agree more. With the variety of ceramic sinks you get these days, it is difficult to pick a favourite. The size and the shape of the sink you choose depends a lot on personal choice and the kind of space you have. You can go for vessels sinks if you like everything on the counter top. In vessel sinks, you also get to choose from a variety of shapes. Oval ceramic sink, for instance, will only be available in a vessel type.

Vintage Oval Bathroom Sink

If you have a big counter, then even an under mount sink would do for you. If there is no counter at all, no worries, you can always opt for a pedestal sink, which will come with its own column to stand on. If there is very little space on the counter, not even for a sink, then you can opt for a wall-mounted sink as well. There is a solution for all in the marketplace, you only need to have an intention to buy a ceramic sink!

oval ceramic sink

Vessel sinks – the hottest trend

While they may be the latest trend doing the rounds of the market, vessel sinks are in actual the classic. Inspired wholly from the traditional wash basins, the ones from the time there was no actual plumbing, these sinks are making a comeback now. Of course, the material in which they are made has more variety now. You can now choose from ceramic, stainless steel, stones, and glass! The most popular being small glass vessel sink, which are chic and classy than their peers.

Chic Gradient Glass Vessel Sinks

Pros of getting a small glass vessel sink

There is no reason to have second thoughts when planning to buy a small glass vessel sink. Read on to know the perks of having one.

-Chic and style

Want your bathroom to have a quirky and chic look? Think no more! Nothing can speak style louder than a glass vessel sink, no matter what the size is! It adds that edgy element to the entire decor of the bathroom that you cannot deny.

Modern Oval Glass Vessel Sinks Pink


Glass can be shaped in round, oval, square, or rectangle. Apart from the shape, its patterns can also have a lot of variety, ranging from plain to mosaic. Also, you can expect a lot of colour options. Complete the look with the choice of faucet, and have a desirable finish whether you want a modern look or a contemporary look.


Do not think that a glass sink will be as fragile as a piece of ordinary glass. Glass sinks are made of special tempered glasses that are crafted to last long. You also need not worry about having scratches and stains, as the glass sinks are treated for them as well and provide you a care-free experience.

small glass vessel sink

So, get your choice of glass vessel sink now!

Modernise your world!

Ceramic sinks have always been a popular pick in both traditional and country style homes. But in this era of modern designs, where everything is going sleek, ceramic sinks still exist, with a touch of modern looks. A modern ceramic sink is all you need to enjoy the pros that come along.

Best Rectangular Enamel-Ling Bowl Sink

Benefits of a modern ceramic sink

You can stop worrying about stains and scratches on your ceramic sink, whether in bathroom or kitchen. These sinks are known for being hard-wearing, and can survive a rigorous life. Also, it will give rest to the cleanliness freak inside you, as ceramic sinks are easy to maintain and clean. All you need is a clean and wet cloth, and it will be clean with a swipe. The shine and colour will be the same for years to come. They have a long life, so even if they look a little out of budget, you need not worry about that because it is nothing more than an investment of a lifetime. Most ceramic sinks also come with guarantees.

Stylish Leaf Rectangular Ceramic Sinks

Types of ceramic sinks

There are basically four types of a modern ceramic sink. First is vessel sinks. These are more of a statement piece for your bathroom. Vessel sinks are the ones that are kept on the counter top. Then there are wall mounted sinks. As the name suggests, these sinks are attached to the wall and that is the only support they need. These are meant for spaces where the counter is either far, or no counter is available. Third are the pedestal sinks. These sinks stand on a column mostly, and require no other support. Pedestal sinks are suitable for those spaces which do not have a counter. The fourth type is the undermount sinks. These sinks are fixed beneath the surface of the counter. They make the space appear large.

modern ceramic sink


More often than not, it is the important and unavoidable parts of kitchen which have been left out from being attractive and fashionable .But those days are coming to an end and paving way for a new age of kitchen equipment .In this trend principle position is captured by the new types of sinks in the market and among them the most attractive ones are the Black ceramic vessel sinks.

European Striped Black Ceramic Vessel Sink

The reason you should choose a black ceramic vessel sink-

The era of the old, ugly and undesirable part of the kitchen where dishes are washed and cleaned –the sinks-are becoming an old story. Today they become things which bring elements of beauty to the kitchen space where the homemakers spends most of their time .With new types of sinks like the black ceramic vessel sinks the kitchen space is transformed into an elegant place of work. The new black ceramic vessel sinks modifies the overall kitchen area and makes it all more pleasing and elegant. They are soon becoming symbols prestige and status all around the world and are preferred by interior designers around the globe. The design sprits have shifted to innovation by means of which both beauty and utility are both enhanced.

black ceramic vessel sink

Coming to the contemporary part of design aspect these are the type of kitchen décor for another two decades or so. These black ceramic vessels come handcrafted uniquely in a range of styles so that each person can get something like a tailored-fit cloth to suite their own individual taste. Among the Black ceramic vessel sink the ones which are in most demand are the ones from china-the finest vitreous.

Round Auspicious Clouds Vessel Sinks

If you are in the market for a sleek, clean, contemporary yet simple look vessel sinks, search no more & waste no more time the Black ceramic vessel sinks are the ones which you were looking for the whole time!

The overview about glass vessel sinks

The glass vessel sinks are the most popular in the market. Also, the best thing about this vessel is it provides a luxurious and the refreshing look to any bathroom. Moreover, the glass vessel sinks are the clear reflection on the counter of any bathroom. These vessels come with the tempered glass with makes the product even more better.

The best thing about the glass vessel sinks are that it easily gets fitted in any kind of bathrooms which helps the bathroom to remodel. The glass vessel sinks are very versatile, and it can be formed in the different shapes and styles. Also, the vessels come in different colors, sizes and the best thing is you can choose the any shape or size which will enhance your bathroom. The glass vessel sinks are very durable, and it is very easy to clean. The water spots can be easily removed. The best way to use the glass sinks in the appropriate area of your house or bathroom which will enhance the looks.

Floral Green Glass Vessel Sinks


The glass vessel sinks are very modern in design and it comes with all the vibrant colors.

It comes with the great dimension and the depth of the sink is up to 7 inches. Also, there is warranty facility available with the product.

The product comes with the warranty, so you won’t have to worry. Moreover, the This sink always provide the elegant and modern look which effortlessly complements the exiting colour and the design of the bathroom.

glass vessel sinks

The design of the sinks is amazing and along with there are different types of colors available with it. This sink is very elegant, and it is very easy to clean. The beauty of this sink does not fade over the years. Also, it does not get discolored from the daily use.

Superb ways to know about white glass sink

The white glass sink is designed in an amazing way. Also, it is manufactured from the high-quality glass. The white glass sink is ideal for the everyday use. It has the polished interior and the exterior is very easy to clean. Also, the manufactures make the sink in a unique way which enhances the look. Also, the design is so beautiful t gives the wow factor to the customer and make the white glass sink very perfect for any types of bathroom.

The white glass sink is fully scratch resistant, and the non-porous surface helps to prevent the discoloration and fading. Also, this product comes with the several variations in terms of colour and design. It is very easy to clean, and the product is fully durable.

Simple White Glass Bowl Sink

The material is fully made up of glass and it is the scratch resistant too. Moreover, in this product, it comes with the manufacturing warranty. The basin depth is 5 to 11 inches and the bowl depth is up to 7 inch. There are different types of colours available in the market, but the white glass sink has lots of demand and it stain resistant and very easy to clean the surface.

In the white glass sinks, it comes with the different shapes such as square or rectangle. Also, many of these sinks have an oversize lip on each of the sides. Moreover, they are mounted on the top of the counter. They are also available in the variety of colours. This sink draws lots of attention of your guests and it comes with all sorts of gorgeous colours and styles. Furthermore, it is the best sink which you can place in your home or the bathroom which will always enhance the look of the house.

white glass sink

The essential steps about tempered glass bathroom sink

The tempered glass bathroom sink is very much perfect for the bathroom. Moreover, no matter what kind of bathroom you have it always enhance the look of the bathroom. Also, this amazing tempered glass bathroom sink is very much versatile in every house. Moreover, there is a various design available in this tempered glass bathroom sink from where you can choose your favourite. The best thing about the tempered glass sink is that it provides very much sleek and versatile look to the bathroom which helps to enhance the bathroom decor.

Superb Durability

This product is made up of the high-grade tempered glass and the glass is very much thick and especially the sink is designed beautifully, and it is fully furnished. Moreover, this product is made up of high-quality tempered glass and it is fully designed for impact resistance. Also, it has amazing features like scratch resistant surface which is very appropriate for the daily use and the user do not have worry about the product and they can use it year after year.

Vintage Imitation Jade Glass Bowl Sink


The tempered glass bathroom sink often comes with the solid colour. Also, there is no shading available for this product. This product is fully made up of tempered glass and it has the one-year warranty. The material is fully made up of glass. The drain hole diameter is 1.8′ and the overall product weight is 17.6lb.

tempered glass bathroom sink

One of the superb quality of the product is it has fully scratch resistant glass and the surface is very easy to clean along with that the installation process is very easy. Also, it has the good quality pop up drain and the durability is superb. Moreover, it always provides the best compliment to the bathroom. The product comes with the one-year warranty.

Most effective ways about round glass vessel sink

The round glass vessel sink is made up of the tempered glass and it is very much durable. Moreover, tempered glass is the regular glass if that heated in a very high temperature and it gets cooled very quickly. The overall material of the round glass vessel sink is very stronger than the normal sink.

The glass vessel sink will add style and it will provide the luxury to any kind of bathroom. The best thing about the vessel that it is very easy to clean, and the product is very durable. All the materials are made up of with great material.

Round Red Stained Glass Vessel Sink

Also, in the round glass vessel sink, there are many designs available in the market. There are many shades and colour available from where you can choose your favourite colour and design.

The round glass vessel sink is available in different shapes with modern variations. Also, the look of the sink is becoming popular day by day and it is widely seen in different homes and hotels which helps the enhance the looks.

The glass sink is quite strong compared to the other sink. Also, you do not have to worry about the sink because it is very durable, and it won’t damage the sink by pouring the hot water down because it has withstood temperature facilities.

The glass sink is very much durable, and the depth of the sink is 5 to 11 inches. Moreover, the product is coming with the warranty. The bowl depth of the sink is up to the 7th inches. This product comes with fully assembles and the location of the sink drain is located in the bottom centre.

round glass vessel sink

The glass sink is fully starch resistant and people can buy this product easily and it will help to enhance the look of their houses and bathroom.

An indispensable way to know about the oval glass vessel sink

Oval glass vessel sink is very much popular in the market. Also, over the years it has gained lots of demand in the market. It comes in different shapes and sizes and the best thing is it is very amazing due to the unique appeal.

The oval glass vessel sink will make a great incorporation into your home. Moreover, nowadays in many places, this sink is used whether it in the home, corporate places or even in different types of bars. In each of the place, it helps to enhance the look of this individual place.

Decorative Oval Brown Sink

The glass sink is widely popular and accepted by the individual who is going to refurbish place by this beautiful sink. Also, the glass sink is very popular in the market and it is unique amongst all types of the sink. This sink is made up of a great material and it is very much durable.

The oval glass vessel sink comes with the different shapes and colour. Also, the manufacturing companies have made lots of diverse shapes such as creatures, flowers and many more.

Oval glass vessel sink

The best thing about the oval sink is it very essential in the daily life use. It always comes in many exciting colours and designs. The installation process is very easy and affordable too. However, the oval glass sink comes with the two to three holes and it has 4-inch installation process. The longevity of the product is very excellent, and it has provided all the protection. Also, it comes with a warranty. So, the customers need not have to worry about the product. The length of the product is 10 – 15 and the bowl depth is up to 7 inches. Also, the space of the sink is very big, so the customers do not have to worry about the product.

An overview of bathroom glass sink

The bathroom glass sink is one of the most astounding and trendy in the today’s market. Moreover, when you have the beautiful bathroom glass sink in your home its immediately catch the attention of your guests and friends who are visiting at your home. Furthermore, it helps to leave you a remarkable positive comment. On the other way, there are many people think that the product is very beautiful but is not durable, but the fact is that it is made up with a very high material and it makes the product very durable and long-lasting.

Vintage Round Green Sink Rock

The bathroom glass sink has gained lots of popularity in the recent years for its amazing design. Also, there are many glass sinks where you will find the light in their design. Additionally, the light can be anywhere in the sink which makes the product even more beautiful. Moreover, there are many retailers where you can always find the amazing designs of the bathroom glass sinks from there you can choose the favourite one. The quality of the bathroom glass sink is amazing, and it can be cleaned very easily. Furthermore, the sink is highly durable, and it is very easy to maintain. The best way to clean the sink is to use a gentle piece of cloth and gentle cleaners.

bathroom glass sink

The look of the product is so beautiful that it can give the modern makeover to any kind of bathroom. Also, the bathroom glass sink comes with the scratch resistant glass and the non-porous surface prevents discoloration and fading. Also, the surface is very easy to clean. The basin depth is nearly 5 to 11 inches and the bowl depth is up to 7 inch. The sink is fully assembled. Also, the high material glass is used. The product comes with the one-year warranty.