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Ceramic sinks have always been a popular pick in both traditional and country style homes. But in this era of modern designs, where everything is going sleek, ceramic sinks still exist, with a touch of modern looks. A modern ceramic sink is all you need to enjoy the pros that come along.

Best Rectangular Enamel-Ling Bowl Sink

Benefits of a modern ceramic sink

You can stop worrying about stains and scratches on your ceramic sink, whether in bathroom or kitchen. These sinks are known for being hard-wearing, and can survive a rigorous life. Also, it will give rest to the cleanliness freak inside you, as ceramic sinks are easy to maintain and clean. All you need is a clean and wet cloth, and it will be clean with a swipe. The shine and colour will be the same for years to come. They have a long life, so even if they look a little out of budget, you need not worry about that because it is nothing more than an investment of a lifetime. Most ceramic sinks also come with guarantees.

Stylish Leaf Rectangular Ceramic Sinks

Types of ceramic sinks

There are basically four types of a modern ceramic sink. First is vessel sinks. These are more of a statement piece for your bathroom. Vessel sinks are the ones that are kept on the counter top. Then there are wall mounted sinks. As the name suggests, these sinks are attached to the wall and that is the only support they need. These are meant for spaces where the counter is either far, or no counter is available. Third are the pedestal sinks. These sinks stand on a column mostly, and require no other support. Pedestal sinks are suitable for those spaces which do not have a counter. The fourth type is the undermount sinks. These sinks are fixed beneath the surface of the counter. They make the space appear large.

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