Vessel sinks – the hottest trend

While they may be the latest trend doing the rounds of the market, vessel sinks are in actual the classic. Inspired wholly from the traditional wash basins, the ones from the time there was no actual plumbing, these sinks are making a comeback now. Of course, the material in which they are made has more variety now. You can now choose from ceramic, stainless steel, stones, and glass! The most popular being small glass vessel sink, which are chic and classy than their peers.

Chic Gradient Glass Vessel Sinks

Pros of getting a small glass vessel sink

There is no reason to have second thoughts when planning to buy a small glass vessel sink. Read on to know the perks of having one.

-Chic and style

Want your bathroom to have a quirky and chic look? Think no more! Nothing can speak style louder than a glass vessel sink, no matter what the size is! It adds that edgy element to the entire decor of the bathroom that you cannot deny.

Modern Oval Glass Vessel Sinks Pink


Glass can be shaped in round, oval, square, or rectangle. Apart from the shape, its patterns can also have a lot of variety, ranging from plain to mosaic. Also, you can expect a lot of colour options. Complete the look with the choice of faucet, and have a desirable finish whether you want a modern look or a contemporary look.


Do not think that a glass sink will be as fragile as a piece of ordinary glass. Glass sinks are made of special tempered glasses that are crafted to last long. You also need not worry about having scratches and stains, as the glass sinks are treated for them as well and provide you a care-free experience.

small glass vessel sink

So, get your choice of glass vessel sink now!

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