Give your bathroom the classic look

Ceramic sinks can never go out of style. From the time they have come into existence, ceramic sinks have been a popular choice in the households for the list of benefits they carry with them. Their durability, easy to clean and maintain, and their age-defying beauty, all these qualities make them the unbeatable winner. With time, ceramic sinks also come in variety now. From vessel sinks to under mounted, to pedestal sinks, the options are becoming wider day by day. Apart from the type, even the shapes are being experimented with – round, square, rectangle, oval ceramic sink, name it and you will have it.

Modern Yellow Oval Thick Ceramic Sink

Love comes in all sizes and shapes

It is been said that love comes in all shapes and sizes, and we couldn’t agree more. With the variety of ceramic sinks you get these days, it is difficult to pick a favourite. The size and the shape of the sink you choose depends a lot on personal choice and the kind of space you have. You can go for vessels sinks if you like everything on the counter top. In vessel sinks, you also get to choose from a variety of shapes. Oval ceramic sink, for instance, will only be available in a vessel type.

Vintage Oval Bathroom Sink

If you have a big counter, then even an under mount sink would do for you. If there is no counter at all, no worries, you can always opt for a pedestal sink, which will come with its own column to stand on. If there is very little space on the counter, not even for a sink, then you can opt for a wall-mounted sink as well. There is a solution for all in the marketplace, you only need to have an intention to buy a ceramic sink!

oval ceramic sink

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